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Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico
Sierra Tarahumara
Campos Menonitas
Los Mochis
El Fuerte
Paquete "El Fugaz"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Paquete "Barranca Express"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Paquete "El Tradicional"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Paquete "El Barranqueñol"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)

The Sierra Tarahumara is a mountainous region covering 59.874 km2 located in the Sierra Madre Occidental in Chihuahua state. The landscape is crossed by deep canyons, meandering streams and large tracts of pine and oak forest. It is the birthplace of rivers in more cultural and ecological importance in northern Mexico: the rivers Yaqui, Mayo and Fuerte, flowing into the Gulf of California, and the Rio Conchos, which flows into the Rio Grande and flows into the Gulf of Mexico.


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