Today Is:
Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico
Package 3 "El Tradicional"
Chihuahua - Copper Canyon - Creel - Chihuahua 5 Days / 4 Nights

Package "El Fugaz"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Package "Barranca Express"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Package "El Tradicional"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Package "El Barranqueño"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Sierra Tarahumara
Campos Menonitas
Los Mochis
El Fuerte
Day 1

Arrive to Chihuahua and transfer to the hotel, included. We will visit the Pancho Villa´s home, the Colonial Aqueduct and the State Capital Building and the Main Church of the city, The Cathedral of Chihuahua. (Museums closed on Mondays). Overnight.

Day 2
Chihuahua -
Copper Canyon

Be ready at the lobby at 05:00 a.m. to be transfer to the Train Station. Train departs at 6 a.m.
Breakfast on board. Arrive to the Copper Canyon and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon walk to nearby view points and Tarahumara Cave. Dinner at the hotel´s restaurant. Overnight.

Day 3
Copper Canyon -
Breakfast at the restaurant. Enjoy the NEW tram ride to the Bottom of the Canyon (tickets no
included). Lunch at the restaurant. Transfer to the train station. Arrive to Creel and transfer to the hotel. Tour Tarahumara Community of San Ignacio Valley visiting a Tarahumara Cave, Mushrooms and Frogs Valleys (rock formations) a Jesuit Mission and Arareko Lake. Overnight. Dinner not included.

Day 4
Creel - Chihuahua
Breakfast at the hotel´s restaurant. Train departs at 16:00. Arrive at 21:00 to Chihuahua and
transfer to the Hotel included. OPTION 2, if you are 3 or more people you can choose to be ransfer by Van at 9 a.m. to Chihuahua, visiting on the way a Mennonite Community and Museum (Not run on Sundays). Overnight.
Day 5
Creel - Chihuahua
Depending on y our flight schedule I will be the transfer to the Airport. End our services.
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$920 USD
$ 645 USD
$ 600 USD
$ 570 USD
$ 240 USD
Prices with taxes included / Prices available until December 2014.
The journey can start from Los Mochis.
Cable car tickets, not included
*Restrictions Apply*
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Transfers: Airport / Hotel / Station
City Tour. 01 night in Chihuahua
Hotels Sicomoro / Palacio del Sol / Encoré.
Copper Canyon:
Transfers: Station / Hotel / Station 03 meals per person Walk to nearby vista points and
Tarahumara Cave 01 night in the Copper Canyon
Hotels: Mansión Tarahumara o Divisadero.
Los Mochis:
Transfers: Station / Hotel / Airport
01 night in Mochis
Hotels: Santa Anita or Plaza Inn.
Transfers: Station / Hotel / Station Breakfast at the hotel´s restaurant Tour Arareko Lake
1 night in Creel
Best Western o Villa Mexicana.
First Class Train Tickets:
Chihuahua-Copper Canyon -Creel-Chihuahua
Breakfast on board.
Transfer by van:
Creel to Chihuahua. If are 3 or more adults

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