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Sierra Tarahumara
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Paquete "El Fugaz"
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Paquete "Barranca Express"
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Paquete "El Tradicional"
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Paquete "El Barranqueñol"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Founded by Captain Francisco de Ibarra in 1564, is one of the most beautiful villages typical of northern Sinaloa.Todavia are traces of the ancient manor of this place, houses with cast iron railings and gates aged cobblestone houses or farmhouses nineteenth century. In the center of town will appreciate the attractive booth, the Municipal Palace, the House of Culture and Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (sigloXVIII). It is said that this place was born in 1795, the legendary Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega, some say he lived the first ten years of his life here. Another attraction is the military fort which gave its name. Construction beginning in 1608 under orders of Hurdaide Martínez, due to the aggressiveness of the Indians who were in conflict with the Spanish settlements. This construction was completed in 1610 with an approximate dimension of 100 square meters and a height of seven meters walls, now a museum.

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