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Los Mochis
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Paquete "El Fugaz"
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Paquete "Barranca Express"
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Paquete "El Tradicional"
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Paquete "El Barranqueñol"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Los Mochis was born of a dream. Sugar mill was built to keep that dream and was built to keep an entire city. Los Mochis is a modern and prosperous city. Strategic point of communication, geography places it as an excellent city to live and is fertile ground for friends and the beautiful, very beautiful women. In this city you can leave towards the sea, the mountains of Baja California or the Copper Canyon. Los Mochis is key to any national or foreign travelers. Los Mochis is a city that has all the advantages of large cities but with the human warmth that reminds you that this province. We recommend the delicious fresh seafood because of its proximity to the coast is only 20 km, allows you to have delicious seafood cooked in different ways, be sure to try them!.

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