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Sierra Tarahumara
Campos Menonitas
Los Mochis
El Fuerte
Paquete "El Fugaz"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Paquete "Barranca Express"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Paquete "El Tradicional"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Paquete "El Barranqueñol"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Strategic point to visit the stunning Copper Canyon. From Creel you can visit spectacular places like Basaseachi and waterfall, San Rafael, Batopilas, Guachochi and of course the natural wonders near the village, which can be accessed even by bicycle Arareko Valley, Valley of the mushrooms and frogs Cusarare Waterfall. In the Valley of Arareko you can visit the nearby rock formations, which originated due to wind erosion and many Tarahumara live agua.Aqui and there are innumerable paths to exploit. Seven miles west of Arareko are somewhat mysterious valley which is known as Bisabirachi or Valley of the Monks. Here is a collection of rock pillars embedded between 40 and 50 m.Otro place to visit is the lake and waterfall Arareko Cusarare, with a drop of 30 meters surrounded by pines and oaks. Creel is like a United Nations office and that this unique town is frequented by travelers from around the world.

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