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Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico
Sierra Tarahumara
Campos Menonitas
Los Mochis
El Fuerte
Paquete "El Fugaz"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Paquete "Barranca Express"
(4 Dias - 3 Noches)
Paquete "El Tradicional"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Paquete "El Barranqueñol"
(5 Dias - 4 Noches)
Chihuahua Mexico's largest state, home to diverse ecosystems, home to diverse cultures that invites you to enjoy geography.
Chihuahua City has many interesting museums and historical sites including the home of General Francisco Villa, the residence where I live the leader when he was governor. In the center stands the baroque cathedral and main square, where you can enjoy of soft snow. Nearby is the Museum of Sacred Art and the City Hall. On the street freedom will reach the government palace that houses the museum of Hidalgo, who was imprisoned here before his execution in 1811. The streets and houses of Chihuahua hold great stories as the famous mansion Gomeros Quintas, now a cultural center. You can visit places around the city as Delicias, with the interesting paleontological museum, national park Majalca Summit, with its whimsical rock formations, that characterizes the city Cuahutemoc Mennonite communities.

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